Yesterday in What Else, Lainey linked to the Gawker deep dive into Casey Affleck’s comments on his girlfriend Caylee Cowan’s Instagram posts and I need to circle back because I am obsessed with reading his cornball comments. Like do Summer Phoenix and her friends laugh about this in the group chat? Summer could be famous but she chooses not to be. She is a Phoenix and that is the kind of cool you can’t buy. It’s in the blood. But back to Casey and Caylee – when he skipped Ben’s wedding, Caylee commented on Casey’s post, "Hey, if you weren't in town to take Atty to soccer practice, then who would've helped the kid who broke his arm? You're a good man. I love you." This reminds me of when Jennifer praised Ben for being a consistent dad. These Affleck men have their partners swooning just for showing up. 


A little Grey’s Anatomy reunion for a serotonin boost. You know what Sandra Oh doesn’t get enough credit for? Leaving a hit show at the perfect time and with grace. It’s one of the smoothest transitions away from a series since Clooney left ER. (Martin Short and Lorne Michaels wearing their Order of Canada pins making me feel kind of warm and fuzzy. And she’s next!)


Have you watched Loot? I love the premise and while not all of the jokes and characters land, it got stronger towards the end and I think it will only get better in the second season. If you aren’t familiar, Maya Rudolph plays a billionaire ex-wife, which is perfect casting because she’s a charming and empathetic performer so it’s easy to root for growth. Costume designer Kirston Mann does an excellent job with putting together the right “new money” looks (there’s a profile on her in Town & Country) and in real life, Maya has also been turning out look after look. The Gucci look is my favourite. 


Beyoncé hasn’t posted on Instagram since September 2, so no sanctioned shots from her birthday. But there are a few from friends floating around online like Gabrielle Union and Kelly Rowland, who takes us right inside. 


Justin Bieber’s caption has a tinge of Justin Timberlake to it – it’s not about her or them, it’s about what she does for him. Or am I reading too much into it? Maybe Justins aren’t good caption writers.