If Lainey, Emma Roberts and Auntie Julia were playing mahjong, who would you put your money on to win? 


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Can someone please check on Kathleen.


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This is like when influencers go a little too hard on the Facetune filter. 


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A few weeks back, Mark Wahlberg shared his daily routine: waking up at 2:30 am, a couple of breakfasts, a couple of workouts, family time, snacks, bed at 7:30 pm. Obviously he must deviate from that when he’s filming or has promotional commitments, but when he’s home, this is his schedule. It also started a hashtag, #4amclub and Mark said he has lots of requests from people who want in on his workouts. Octavia Spencer was the first one to show up and she gave him a rave review. Mark’s commitment to fitness isn’t new, but he is using it more to market his line of supplements, Performance Inspired, which sells things like “beauty support vitamins” and apple cider vinegar pills. It’s like goop meets the UFC. 


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Zoe Kravitz is set to star in a reboot of High Fidelity for Disney’s new streaming channel. (Side note: how many more streaming channels will there be before it’s just cable with a million different passwords?) I loved High Fidelity and watch it every time it comes on, even though Rob is a fickle man-baby who is both entitled and snobby, the kind of guy who thinks his obscure taste in music is a personality. But it’s OK to not like Rob – most people didn’t, and Rob as played by John Cusack didn’t particularly like himself, even though he definitely thought he was smarter than everyone else. Capturing that tone – superiority mixed with self-loathing – will be key. 


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Reese’s “Whiskey in a Teacup” promotion is a study in how celebrities promote one another’s projects. Nicole and GP did the least, while Jennifer Garner did the most by (inadvertently?) starting the #hotrollerchallenge. 


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The 2018 Summer of Scam has come to a close, but the Frye Festival always be the gold standard of scamming.


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