The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s luxury clothing line, is having bumpy time during COVID because of the plummet in sales for the kind of clothes they make, the Barney’s bankruptcy, and major staff changes. Can a children’s line refresh the brand? They are trying and the exclusive went to W Magazine. The capsule collection is bright (but not childish) and of course no prints. It relies on many of the same fabrics (like cashmere) that the adult line uses. A sweater is $670US and a pair of sweatpants is $760US. A toque is $380US. Balking at those prices? I get it, but Gucci and other luxury brands do brisk business with kids clothing because some parents want people to know what their kid is wearing and how much it cost. It’s a reflection of their status, not their child’s taste. 


The difference here is the entire point of The Row is to be understated. There’s no label. So is someone going to splash out on a toque (that will get left behind on the playground) or a pair of cashmere pants that can only be dry cleaned when there’s not the catnip of everyone knowing how much you paid for the pants? I’m curious to know if their loyal customers (some of whom buy multiple $2000US sweaters a season) will be looking to snap up the mini version of their closet. 


Jennifer Aniston was on “Lunch with Bruce” (a radio SiriusXM show hosted by Bruce Bozzi) and said she’s ready to start dating again. We’re ready too, Jennifer, and I have a suggestion. Who’s ready for it? Jason Sudekis. Are you with me? COME ON.

Do you know anyone with a signature print? Like a friend who always wears leopard print or plaid? In my mind, Lainey’s signature print is houndstooth. Mine is stripes (real original, I know). Reese Witherspoon’s signature print is gingham and now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it. 


Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday has passed and like every year, so many celebrity birthday wishes. I received an interesting question from a reader asking if GP and Beyoncé are still friends. My take is yes, they are (check Beyoncé’s website today – there’s a baby picture of Gwyneth). As Beyoncé has become more private, Gwyneth has adjusted her public relationship with her and respects that boundary. She can do discretion. That said, do I think they are as tight as they used to be? My gossip gut tells me no, because we have seen Bey and Jay celebrating her birthday with friends and family for a month, hanging out in the Hamptons with Jack Dorsey etc. and Gwyneth doesn’t appear to be part of her inner circle. Beyoncé didn’t attend Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth’s engagement party or wedding (unless she did and there’s absolutely zero photographic evidence), and GP was not in any of the many photos from the twins’ baby shower. Beyoncé shows up for her friends and has not done GP’s podcast, which would be a huge deal. So what say you – have they grown apart or still good friends in private?


I know a lot of people are very into MGK and Megan Fox. He’s on tour right now and there’s been a lot of drama. Is this a sign of personal drama?