Jennifer Aniston teased a new product from her LolaVie brand and considering it’s a hair care line, a shampoo and conditioner is not surprising. She even got a friend to help up with the promo. It’s interesting though that her brand is built on her hair and her personality with no mention (that I’ve seen) that she was already the co-owner of a hair care brand, Living Proof, which still exists (she split with them in 2016, after the sale to multi-conglomerate Unilever). Did she have to wait for a non-compete clause to expire? How did that work? Her longtime stylist and friend Chris McMillan was also involved heavily in the promotion of Living Proof, but now he reps Drunk Elephant hair care. So is there some weirdness there, or is there enough leave-in conditioner money to go around?


Some outlets are jumping on the rumour that Leo has “set his sights” on Gigi Hadid, a dubious rumour with weak sourcing. Leo is not a chaser or a charmer – his movie star status does the heavy lifting and Gigi has probably encountered many of his type, so not sure what the play is here. Camila Morrone has been seen out with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, she is moving on quickly and again, this is in line with the 25 club. No one ever seems to be heartbroken by these breakups with him. On another note, Lainey has written about the marriage troubles between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, which is now being reported at PEOPLE (never a great sign). I don’t think they are doomed but if they did split… well, you can see where I’m going with this. Gisele left Leo in the dust because she grew up and he wouldn’t (or couldn’t). She was the only person he walked the red carpet with at the Oscars. They were as serious as he got and I always wondered if she was “the one that got away” for him. Leo and Gisele dated from 1999 to around 2005 and, um, there was crossover with the OG Bennifer era. I’m just saying, anything is possible!!!!


So I don’t think I’ve ever written about Zac Braff but I just realized that he and Miss Flo were dating during the filming of the movie without a comma in its title and he must have dish, not that he’d share it right now. Maybe on a podcast five years from now. (Also, she’s still liking his photos so it seems they ended on decent terms.)


Nina Dobrev has hit the annoying Instagram post trifecta: “quirky” photo, casual belated birthday to her boyfriend she posts about constantly, and calling him a “weirdo” which is code that famous people use for when they want to signal that they are NOT like other celebrities, they are KOOKY and COOL and NON CONFORMIST.

Earlier this year Justin Bieber paused his tour for health reasons and now he’s postponed it indefinitely, which is definitely a blow to his team and crew but we’ve seen what happens when artists are pushed and pushed to keep going. He might not ever be the kind of performer who can fly 15 hours and then perform in a different time zone in front of thousands of people. Not every musician is built for that.


Maren Morris is both engaged in a cause she cares about and unbothered by F-cker Carlson. And she’s doing this as a country music artist.