How is your grocery situation? I hope you are getting access to everything you need and fresh food. That’s what I’m having trouble with, not a lot of decent produce near me. Chrissy Teigen suddenly needed romaine lettuce and only romaine lettuce – maybe she’s making Caesar salad? Romaine just hits different. She set up a trade, in a church parking lot, at a distance. The deal went down. It was like a bunch of ninth graders buying weed for the first time. “Check it John, check it!” 




Liam Gallagher is washing his hands to Champagne Supernova and trying Zumba. 


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He’s also come up with a new “worst case scenario” situation.

Do you think he has access to Noel’s phone number? I think he could get it, only because they have other siblings and a mother and sometimes, with family, that information can be procured. If he did have it, he could phone and text Noel as many times as he wants right now and he knows Noel will see it (what else would he be doing?).

If the concert doesn’t work out, they should sell those messages and donate the proceeds to charity. I would pay to see how Liam smooth talks his brother.  


Lainey has said all there needs to be said on the continuing Kim-Kanye/Taylor feud, but like any storyline, there are B plots. Todrick Hall is a B plot in the life of Taylor Swift. The only time I see his name is if it’s attached to hers. If you so much as breathe her name, Todrick will show up. He is her personal Avenger. I’m not going to get into the online opinions about Todrick (which are heavy) but, for me, when your argument includes “publicly documenting every crevice of your vagina” you lose the “higher ground” place that Swifties have claimed. He eventually deleted, saying it was on the advice of a friend (not Taylor) – you can read the messages here

Oh and I have to note that Katy Perry liked this post on Kim Kardashian. This is not a mistake, or coincidence, not right now when people have nothing but time to look at Instagram.

Katy might have made up with Taylor, but she won’t come to heel. And she has no reason to be afraid – if Taylor kicked the feud back up again, it would look bad on Taylor, not Katy, who literally sent the olive branch. THAT is higher ground.


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Yesterday in my SD In 30 Minute Segments piece I considered including Kevin Hart’s Don’t F**k This Up on Netflix. It’s an interesting watch because it’s supposed to be this great man reckoning with his mistakes, leaning hard into Kevin learning he isn’t perfect (which perhaps he would have learned after his first marriage ended due to, according to his wife at the time, infidelity). What he thinks the documentary is showing, his loyalty and imperfections, are not as heartwarming as he thinks they are. He can be difficult, stubborn, self-absorbed (a lot which gets hid behind “hustle”) and has friends who are also employees, which he sees as mentorship, but there’s no acknowledgement of a huge power imbalance. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a self-produced celebrity documentary that was this insightful in ways it probably didn’t mean to be. Eniko Hart announced she is pregnant – there have been a lot of self-distancing baby announcements. 


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 Attached - Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at a basketball game in LA earlier in March.