There’s another celebrity liquor brand, and again it’s a TV duo (like Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston): the guys from The Vampire Diaries. I’m curious to see how and if their fandom will translate into distribution and sales. The interesting thing about spirits is that it has so many different kind of celebrities, from George Clooney to Drew Barrymore to John Legend to Marilyn Manson to Dan Aykroyd to Ryan Reynolds to The Rock to many Bravolebrities. It’s the new perfume – everyone has a label. But the only celebrity brand to crack the top 150 selling brands in the world is Ciroc (co-owned by Diddy).


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Speaking of Diddy, some people are trying to tie this post into Cassie’s wedding. I don’t agree with that assessment because Diddy loves an inspirational quote, he posts them all the time.


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There is a definite cross-over between “this dork” and people who think they are “weird” for liking murder shows. “I’m such a nerd, I love Dateline!”

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are an Instagram couple in that we have been able to follow most of their relationship, whether we want to or not, by looking at their feeds. Nick’s birthday was September 16 and she posted about him but since then, it’s been quiet. The only reason it’s notable is because they are usually all over each other in the digital realm. But I’m sure it’s nothing, right? She’s promoting a movie and he’s promoting a new song, so maybe they are in work mode. I’m sure that’s it. They will be back to posing forehead to forehead, with their eyes closed, in no time.


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Does Bill Murray know what Instagram is? Maybe Sofia Coppola explained it to him.


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Here’s Jessica Simpson getting on a private jet in thousands of dollars worth of clothes that are absolutely authentic but somehow look like knock-offs on her. It’s like a skill, because she is actually very rich! Anyway, about the plane: obviously she can afford it. But I’ve noticed that there are a lot more comments aimed at celebs who fly private regarding climate change and carbon footprint, so I wonder if the pj photo – a staple of Instagram – will go the way of the belfie. Extinct. 


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Nothing like unwinding in a concrete box after a long day.


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