Beyoncé sent a congratulatory message to her hometown church and as with any sighting, there’s a debate on whether or not she may be pregnant. As we know, we don’t know anything about her life until she wants us to know. There is no indication she is and a lot of the conjecture is based on her strong affinity for the number four and the wait for visuals for Renaissance. (Some have pointed out that there’s a Snapchat filter on this video and I’m not sure if that is true but if there is, it’s another reminder that she has a secret Snapchat that we may not ever see. Does she archive her snaps?)


Adam Levine is trying to recede from the headlines, but his sexting prose is already infamous on Twitter. I think it’s the use of “absurd” that really put it over the edge. Twitter does not let anyone live an embarrassing moment down. Also, the Daily Mail has an interview with another woman (in college) who interacted with Adam on a fitness account – no sexting, but she gave him a heads up that if he kept DMing girls he was going to get caught and said it stopped. It’s not like he didn’t know all of these texts could drop online at any time. Maybe that was part of the appeal of doing it?


Many people really love the friendship between Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff, two teen stars who are thriving professionally and personally. There’s a lot of overlap in life experience between them. They both act and sing, both had a bit of a career lull after the crash of early-2000s culture, and both came back strong on TV with Younger (premiered 2015) and This Is Us (premiered 2016). Also, they married pretty young the first time around: 22 for Hilary and 24 for Mandy. Let’s not talk about the ex-husbands. They now seem much happier and settled in their second marriages (Matthew Koma and Taylor Goldsmith are singer/songwriters). 


I have heard of Tell Me Lies and I might watch it but I need some feedback – is it worth it? The co-star Jackson White is the son of Katey Segal and honestly, I love when a new nepo baby enters the conversation. There’s a never-ending stream of them! Jackson said that his mom would not allow him to act until he turned 18 and she didn’t want him to pursue it at all. Classic nepo baby storyline. 

Tom Hardy entered a martial arts competition, won all his matches and instead of sponsorship, he highlighted a charity he works with called REORG. This is all very Tom Hardy, he is so intense. 


Melinda and Bill Gates both attended an event for their foundation and I know this is serious business but I’m very immature so my mind immediately went to Loot. Has Melinda Gates watched Loot? Has MacKenzie Scott?