Celine Dion at Paris Fashion Week has become one of my lifetime joys. And yours too, right? It started in 2016, the summer she started working with Law Roach. She returned the next summer and posed as often as possible, stunted as often as possible, and it gave us what we needed to carry on. Since then, Celine + Paris + Fashion = AMAZINGNESS. 

Celine was at two shows yesterday – Alexander Gauthier and Armani Privé. It was a black and white theme for both. At Alexander Gauthier she wore a slinky black dress, gave us her leg, and basically did the most. As always. Drama! 

At Armani she changed into pants, a white mullet shirt, and stomped around town with a heavy black coat slung around her shoulders. It’s a great look. But it’s never not a great look anymore when Celine shows up. Let me just throw it back to earlier this month and this outfit that matches the f-cking mat: 


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God, she makes it more difficult and easier to breathe at the same time. What might just end all of us for good though is repeat viewings of this – have you seen it yet? It’s Celine during the Armani show, overcome by the beauty she was seeing before her. Now THIS is a reaction: 

This is why I call her the Queen of Feelings. She has a different emotion for everything. And the fact that she never bothers to hide those emotions but instead gives them as much gas as possible is why she is the MOTHERF-CKING BEST. 

Now to a little gossip. Pepe Munoz is with her on this trip. Pepe and Celine were first seen together in 2017. He was dancing with her on tour. He’s also a fashion illustrator. And he styled her for some of her stage outfits last year. There have been rumours about their relationship for a while. And, well, photos like this will only support those rumours:


It’s the hand on the leg. Is that romantic intimacy? 

The woman gives us so much life she deserves to get her life, if that’s what’s happening here, I’m all over it. But … also… this is Celine. Think about what she’s like. All those feelings needing to find an outlet. She’s a hugger. She’s a toucher. If it was anyone else and leg touching, it would be one thing. But Celine? With Celine, well, she’s a toucher! (And not in a creepy gross pervy way, obviously.) What if she was leg touching because she was so overcome by a dress that had just walked by on a model and had to hold onto Pepe’s leg because she was at risk of falling over, collapsing, and losing her mind over the beauty? It’s very possible!

How else would you explain what’s happening in these shots – after you finish laughing with delight because, MY GOD this woman: 




Like, I’m not seeing sex in these photos. I’m seeing her get all worked up and excited about something, probably a pair of shoes, or, you know, the colour of the paint on the walls, and being incapable of containing the burst of nuclear fusion coursing through her veins to the point where she has to grab someone by the chin and mock-glare at them. 

Celine is BONKERS. In the best way. Which makes it really hard to figure out whether or not this is a romance or just a really great friendship. 

In other Celine news, she’s heading back to the UK to satisfy her “big craving for some bangers and mash and sticky toffee pudding”. 


But note the timing. Paris Haute Couture Week runs from June 29 to July 4. That seems to work with the schedule, non? Celine will be back in Paris for summer couture. We have something bright, so bright, to look forward to.