That title is corny as f-ck. But you know what? She would love it. Celine Dion would love it. And I do it all for her. So, as Kathleen would say, don’t @ me. If you’re @-ing me, you don’t understand the Feeling.

A new Feeling is what we’re here to talk about. The most important Feeling in the Celine Feeling Songbook: LOVE.

Is Celine… going to love again?

Before we explore the possibility of new love, let’s talk about One Love. We saw Celine stoically honouring her One Love last year after his passing. At the time, and in the time since, Duana and I, who spend time at least once a week talking about and celebrating Celine (What? Is there a problem?) both agree that Celine Will Never Love Again. That’s how it should be written because that’s how it should be said: like a monumental declaration – Celine Will Never Love Again.

Celine’s not the one to remarry in two years. And again two years after that. Celine is singular. She is the diva of the single story. So as far as Celine’s love story goes, there is only one story of romance. That said, there have been rumours this week that Celine’s getting romantic with Pepe Munoz. Paris Match reported the other day that they’ve been spending a lot of time together in Paris. He’s been seen with her at several fashion shows and they’ve been papped together out with friends for lunch.

Pepe is a dancer. They started working together last month when he joined her tour.

And just today VOGUE featured him as part of their Celine bonanza (the entire front page of VOGUE’s website right now is a Celine takeover). Turns out Pepe is also a fashion illustrator and he’s been sketching her looks during Celine Fashion Week. You can see them here. Here’s my favourite part of the article, when Pepe remembers what happened when Celine found out about his non-dancing talent:
“She didn’t even know I drew,” Muñoz says, explaining how one of her assistants introduced her to Muñoz’s Instagram (@pepemunozillustrations). “She started crying.”

Well of course she started crying. HOW ELSE WOULD SHE REACT?

So are we looking at another JLO and Slum Bear situation happening all over again? The way this partnership has evolved, it actually sounds a lot more like Celine’s relationship with Law Roach, her stylist (he prefers “image architect”). Celine reached out to Pepe the same way she reached out to Law, after admiring his work from afar. Like it was with Law, she brought Pepe to Paris and he has become part of her working family. And, just as it is with Law, she’s investing in Pepe’s talent. His talent is enhancing her brand. This VOGUE profile, after all, is part of a larger package that’s about Celine’s fashion influence and how she’s become one of the major style players on the scene.

Which is why I’m not sure I buy that what’s going on between Celine and Pepe is any more than professional. However, if she wants to get hers? I’m here for that too. Just …don’t call it Love.

Here are Celine and Pepe out in Paris the other day and leaving their hotel together today.