It was about a year ago now that Celine Dion took over Paris Fashion Week, do you remember? Of course you remember. She sashayed out of that hotel every single day in one fabulous outfit after another – a word I use sparingly but she deserves it more than anyone else – and sat front row giving us so much face, it was like she’d never seen a pleated skirt before.

Celine is back in Paris now. She kicks off her European tour tomorrow in Copenhagen. Before that, though, a trip to the fashion capital first, naturally. And, naturally, she brought the fashion porn. Yesterday it was a dramatic all-black floor-length tuxedo jacket over a turtleneck to go to the ballet and I am sick, so sick with desire for this outfit I would have thrown myself at her if I was there to see it in person. Today she stepped out in head to toe florals, waving to her public, reliably and always on performance mode. Why is it that we can stand it from some and not at all from others? Probably because, with Celine, we’ve rarely seen someone so committed. She’s never NOT been this way. I don’t think Celine could be “aloof” if she tried. And trying is not her problem. It’s just not in her to not be totally, overwhelmingly in her feelings at all times, even when feelings aren’t really necessary.