Wonderful news and we need some of that these days – Celine Dion, the Queen of our Feelings, made a surprise appearance last night! She showed up for her home team, the Montreal Canadiens, and visited the locker room. Celine, as we know, has been taking care of her health these days. It has been years, literally years, since we’ve seen her out like this. So hopefully she’s doing well and her condition is improving. It’s the only thing we can ask. (Daily Hive) 


You’ve probably already seen Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume but I’m linking to it anyway because when someone goes to that much effort, year after year after year, they deserve to be promoted. Apparently this took 2000 hours to achieve and Cirque du Soleil came in with an assist. Which makes sense since Heidi’s costume is probably the one people anticipate the most every year, after Beyoncé. Or maybe that’s just me. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Speaking of Taylor, at the time of this writing we still don’t have a Taylor and Travis Kelce Halloween update. I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow but what’s interesting is that Kansas City is playing their game this week against Miami in Germany. Will Taylor travel to Germany to watch him play? In the meantime, as Taylor and Travis keep us in suspense about their Halloween costume, the gossip this week has been about what his family and her friends think about their relationship. (Cele|bitchy) 


Jennifer Hudson was Missy Elliot for Halloween and… no notes, this is outrageously good. (OMG Blog) 

Did you know that some people believe that cheese can predict the future? I would like my fortune told by a block of cheese, not even kidding. But WHAT cheese would it be? This is where it gets difficult. Like do I want my destiny to be read by parmesan? Or gorgonzola? Or just plain cheddar? (Eater)