It’s been almost two months since Celine Dion, styled by Law Roach, walked on stage in a buttery Valentino coat, looking healthy and beautiful, to present Album of the Year at the Grammys. We were united in relief. 


And now, more relief and, of course, joy. This is who she is: where Celine goes, joy follows. 

Last night, Celine and her sons were at the Boston Bruins game and she was invited into the locker room to announce the starting lineup – or, rather, to perform the starting lineup… in classic Celine Dion fashion. It’s corny, it’s hilarious, some of it makes no sense, and all of it is glorious. 


Am I imagining it or… did she sing for a bit? Just a little, but it was there, right? I’m not saying this with any expectation. With Celine, we get what we get and it’s enough. More than enough – because it wasn’t just the locker room. Our Queen of Feelings and cheese was serving it in the stands. 


Look at her, having a time!


And bringing out the air guitar! 

I nearly cried when I saw this – because it’s so familiar, this is the Celine we know, the Celine we have missed, the Celine who has never been cool and is the coolest because of it. It’s the Celine we have missed SO much. So to see her, wacky and goofy and HAPPY… we’re happy too, right? 


Not sure what Celine is doing in Boston but she and her kids were also seen in New York a couple of weeks ago. 


Perhaps this is related to the upcoming documentary that was announced in January about her experience living with Stiff Person Syndrome. Amazon Prime has acquired the rights, and according to one of her fansites it could be a September release. 

Before that, though, it’s her birthday soon. Celine will be 56 next Saturday. The best birthday gift to anyone any year is to be healthy. So to our Queen of all Feelings ahead of her birthday – an abundance of good health! Santé!

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