The Oscars are still a month away, but some nominees are already moving onto their next projects. Notably, Celine Song is preparing her Past Lives follow-up, described as a rom-com which will be produced by A24, which also produced Past Lives. The film is called Materialists, and the log line reads: a matchmaker’s lucrative business gets complicated when she falls into a toxic love triangle that threatens her clients. Dakota Johnson, Chris Evans, and Pedro Pascal are in talks to star. Yes please!


On a similar note, Barbie nominee Margot Robbie has joined Kogonada’s next film, A Big Bold Beautiful Journey, which will also reunite Kogonada with his After Yang star, Colin Farrell. Kogonada makes films of remarkable sensitivity, depth, and humanism. I cannot WAIT to see what he does with Robbie and Farrell. Intriguingly, Journey comes from screenwriter Seth Reiss, one of Seth Myers’ writers who also co-wrote the scathing class satire The Menu. Reiss has a considerably more cynical outlook than Kogonada has demonstrated, and I am so curious to see what this collaboration yields.


Both films are expected to begin filming in late spring/early summer, so they’re not wasting any time, regardless of what happens on Oscar night. So, despite some nomination morning disappointments, Celine and Margot are getting back to work with high-profile projects, working with some of the best people in the business. The best revenge truly is your paper.


Also attached - Dakota Johnson yesterday in New York.