CinemaCon is happening this week in Vegas. This is when the studios bring in the stars to schmooze theatre owners. Chadwick Boseman was there to promote 21 Bridges. It’s his first starring role since Black Panther in which he plays a police officer hunting down a group of criminals who’ve killed 8 cops after a heist. Chadwick produces alongside Joe and Anthony Russo and the film also stars Stephan James. Chadwick and Stephan are in a movie together… I don’t know how I’m going to stand it. And, also, Taylor Kitsch. So two Canadians and the King of Wakanda. Right. See you on opening weekend. 

21 Bridges was part of the STX Films presentation. And the other big STX title, due out in 2020, is Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen. This is the Guy Ritchie of Lock, Stock and Snatch. The Gentlemen is about gangsters and the marijuana business. Matthew McConaughey stars alongside Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, and Colin Farrell. Word is, it’ll be Hugh and Colin who steal the movie. Henry and Charlie were there to represent yesterday. And now, ugh, we have to talk about Charlie. What about him? Sarah dumped this on me a few weeks ago and I’ve been trying to un-know it but it’s impossible. Thread below. 

And this tweet pretty much sums it up:

And this too:

I’m a selfish person. So when this happened to me, I had to make sure everyone else was ruined too, which is why I sent it to my friend Lorella, who was also into Charlie. She wouldn’t speak to me for an entire day. To be fair, this was probably right in front of us all along. Also, you don’t have to dig too deep to connect Guy Ritchie in all of this either. Why don’t we focus instead then on the unproblematic and handsome and delightful Henry Golding. 

Last year was Henry’s breakout. Last year he was also at CinemaCon with the Crazy Rich Asians team and you know what happened afterwards. The momentum continues this year as Henry’s not only in The Gentlemen but also starring in Last Christmas, Paul Feig’s holiday romance built around the songs of George Michael. The screenplay was co-written by Emma Thompson. Here’s the first image from the film:


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I want this. You want this. I will see the sh-t out of this movie. Guaranteed minimum twice in theatres, probably three.