Channing Tatum and Jessie J were together for a year or so, then broken up in November 2019, got back together a few weeks later, went super public with their love on Grammys weekend, and three weeks ago broke up again. But Chan was just seen outside her Jessie’s place in LA yesterday and they were papped together on his motorcycle – JustJared has the photos. So they’re back together. This is round three. At this point, are they the new Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Or the new John Mayer and Jessica Simpson? Have you read her book yet? John Mayer was a mindf-cking piece of sh-t when they were together and the way she lays out the story is …chef’s kiss. 


Not that I think either Chan or Jessie is the John Mayer in this situation, but while there may be no malice involved on anyone’s part here, there probably is a little bit of a mutual mindf-ck happening because neither one seems to be able to quit the other. Their breakups, two of them now, have been pretty short – but definitive enough, at the time at least, to warrant making it public with sources who knew about the split(s) leaking to the entertainment media…only to pretty quickly afterwards go back to each other because, obviously, they’re not over it. I didn’t expect these two to be so… volatile?