A couple of weeks ago, we heard about how Channing Tatum and Jessie J were spending time together again after breaking up late last year. Last week it was official: they’re back on. As I noted in both of those previous posts, it never seemed like their split was about the two of them; rather, around the time they split, Chan and Jenna Dewan were having custody issues – and managing his relationship with his ex-wife may have been the issue. 

A couple of days ago, it was reported that Chan and Jenna had reached a custody agreement. At the same time, he and Jessie made if Instagram official (again): 


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Coincidence or conspiracy? Definitely not a coincidence, right? But did you hear about what happened in the comments? Nothing good happens in the comments. 

Yes to everything that he writes here…except for “And yeah that includes my ex”. Totally unnecessary. I think he ended changing it but, again, this is a window. It’s also maybe a little over-the-top? I generally don’t love it when celebrities argue in the comments with trolls unless it’s done really well. And that’s rare. Also, doing it well is usually doing it briefly. Rihanna is great at this. She doesn’t write an essay. It’s a few words, max, and sometimes an emoji. Channing gave us a dissertation. And I’m old school enough to think that it’s always better to never let them see that you care than to let them know that you’re bothered.

That said, I’m not the priority in his life. The priority is Jessie. And after he posted his comment, she gushed on IG about their love:


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OK but imagine how much more effective her post would have been had he ignored the dumbass who left that comment on his? 

Whatever. This isn’t Celebrity Social Media Class 101. This is a celebration of Chan and Jessie’s love. And they celebrated all weekend, all Grammy weekend, walking their first red carpets together at at least three events. 

Are they the new Shawn and Camila? Jokes! I love them! I’m happy they made it work. That this is serious, that this was their declaration. And hey, I get it. Sometimes when you’re so deliriously happy and in love, you can’t help it, you want to flaunt it as much as possible. This is where Chan and Jessie live now. Let them live.