Just before the holidays, it was confirmed that Channing Tatum and Jessie J had broken up. Reportedly though, despite not officially being together anymore, they were still close, there was no drama, at least not between the two of them. There have been suggestions of drama between him and Jenna Dewan over custody and that may have affected Channing’s relationship with Jessie, but nothing was ugly between Channing and Jessie, leaving the door open for a new chapter. 

Still, shortly after, Channing was on Raya so, clearly, moving on was, at one point, being considered. 

Then yesterday, a source told PEOPLE that Jessie’s been in LA and they’re “spending time together”: 

“Jessie has even hung with Channing’s daughter [6-year-old Everly] again,” the source says. “They seem very happy together.” Adds the source: “They are obviously great friends, but it’s not clear if they are back together.”

I mean…

When you go from getting pretty serious, and it was undeniably serious, to deciding to break up, and then you find yourselves falling back into certain patterns, that grey zone for sure leaves open the possibility of a reconciliation. And even if, in the end, whatever it was that led to the splitting cannot be overcome, the fact that they aren’t removing Jessie from his daughter’s life completely is kinda cool.

This is a reality now as we’re all well accustomed to that “50% of marriages end in divorce” rule. People will come in and out of your life and if you have children, they will come in and out of your children’s lives. That may not have been a real-life family consideration for previous generations but it certainly is now. So even if they don’t end up a thing, it’d be sweet if Jessie remained in Everly’s life in some way – like how Nicole Kidman remained a part of Zoe Kravitz’s life after she and Lenny ended their engagement. 

Here’s Channing in Berlin last night promoting Magic Mike Live. Now that it’s in so many international destinations, if you can, go see it. It’s worth every minute. The guys are SO hot. The show is SO hot. It’s not degrading, it’s not disempowering, it’s fun and sexy and celebratory and you’re going to have a GREAT TIME.