This was forecast last week when Channing Tatum and Jessie J were seen together in LA with his daughter. As I wrote in that post, when two people who are pretty serious break up after a year, and then see each other again so soon, it’s never nothing. There’s always a grey zone. 

Evidently that grey zone has turned green, as in all systems go: E! News reports that Chan and Jessie are “officially back together”. So I guess he’s definitely not on Raya anymore? Did he delete the app or has he just suspended it? 

Obviously it wasn’t a dramatic or bitter breakup to begin with. When Jessie posted a thoughtful and vulnerable post about loneliness near the end of the year on Instagram, Chan left three heart emojis:


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The day before that, I noted that this post could be interpreted as a thirst trap: 


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And now, after just about a couple of months of being apart, Channing and Jessie are giving it another go. Perhaps that means that he’s sorted out whatever custody complications that may have been an issue affecting their relationship. Perhaps being apart made them realise how sh-tty it was not being together. Maybe they’ve agreed that enduring some distance now and again for work is worth it. Maybe he went back out there in Raya and was like…yeah, nope, it’s sh-tty out here. That’s what I keep hearing from my single friends. Even for Channing Tatum?! Well, the thing is, he’s never been known to be a player, at least not as long as he’s been famous. And, frankly, that’s not exactly his professional brand either. If you’ve seen the Magic Mike Live show, you know what I mean. They’re not telling the story of the Pussy Posse. Their show philosophy is more like… Your Pussy is The Boss. 

Also attached - Jessie J out in LA last week.