Channing Tatum was photographed out for groceries in London earlier this week. He may have some work in London, of course, but he’s also there, in large part, because of Jessie J. They’ve spent a significant amount of time since they started dating last year in London where she’s based. A couple of days ago they were seen, with his daughter Everly, at Hampton Court Palace. So between the groceries (home cooking?) and the outing, presumably Chan and Jessie have been able to integrate their relationship into his parental life – the time he spends with Everly does not have to be separate from the time he spends with Jessie. Just like the time Jenna Dewan spends with Everly doesn’t have to be separate from the time she spends with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee. Which, of course, can only be good news for the child, right? That the adults in her life are avoiding drama and modelling for her that two people who used to be married can end their marriage without hostility and damage? 

It also, again, signals how serious Channing and Jessie are about each other, that we’re pretty deep into permanent. And all of this has been rather UNsensational, especially for a star at his level – attractive, big name actor, he’s Magic Mike, after all, and newly divorced in his 30s, the expected narrative might have been for his romantic life to be a tabloid fixture. That’s not how it’s worked out at all and it’s a good look for everyone.