I’m sure you’ve seen this photo. But, if not, I’m happy to bring it into your life. This is what Channing Tatum posted on Instagram last night:


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His nakedness isn’t even the most interesting part, at least not to me. It’s the caption. He lost a Jenga bet to “Jessica Cornish” and the winner got to choose any photo of the loser to post on IG. First of all, the fact that he called her “Jessica Cornish”…is pretty f-cking cute. Second, “Jessica Cornish” did not do him dirty. Of course she didn’t. Channing may have lost in Jenga but he is losing NOTHING in this photo. This is a flex. Jessie J is telling us – no, showing us, what she gets to go to bed with every night. And day. 

Third …

What happened after this picture was taken? 

And fourth…

These two are in DEEP. This wasn’t just a bet. I mean, yeah, it was a bet, and it was a game they were playing with each other, but it’s also that thing that happens when two people are in deep, so deep that they can’t help sharing with the world that, oh, look at us, we’re just so silly, playing our board games, and haha, we’re just so competitive, we can’t stand to lose, so this is what we put on the line, OMG aren’t we goofy? 

No, Channing Tatum and Jessica Cornish, you’re in LOVE. And I’m here for it. I mean I liked them together before, but this… this, I think, took me to obsession. I’m buying all of it. 

Attached - Jessie and Channing out for dinner with friends in LA last month.