Charlie Hunnam has been in Hawaii shooting Triple Frontier. He’s been seen a few times hanging out on the beach with friends and colleagues. Here he is with his longtime partner Morgana McNelis the other day giving us an update on their status – which is that there is no update, they’re solid. And the reason that’s notable is because when he was working on The Lost City Of Z in Colombia, he basically ghosted her for the duration of the shoot. Because it was helpful to him for his character. 

So, this time, either his character doesn’t have to be alone all the time or he figured out how to play a character without being a dick to his girlfriend. And she gets to hang out on the beach in Hawaii. 

I do love a piggyback in the water though. I have no time for a piggyback on land. But as soon as I’m in the water, I’ll hop on Jacek’s back. Probably it’s the weightlessness. A piggyback isn’t comfortable for anyone – not the giver or the receiver. For the giver it’s the weight but it’s work for the receiver too because you have to hang on. And that pinch around your legs is never comfortable. All that goes away when you’re in the water.