Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek attended a screening for their film Papillon this weekend. It opens on Friday and it’s been a while. Papillon premiered at TIFF last year and now it’s getting a late August release with, frankly, not that much buzz. Also, though I’m sure this is quality filmmaking with quality performances, the movie feels, to me, like a buzzkill. It’s hard. Like prison hard. Which is next level hard. Right now, when we’re squeezing out the last rays of summer, anticipating the Labour Day long weekend but also dreading it because we’ve never been able to shake that “back to school” excitement-mixed-with-nerves, me personally, I can’t do the Papillon-style movie right now. I just need Lara Jean x Peter Kavinsky, thank you.

That said, Charlie and Rami photos are definitely end of summer content. Charlie’s beard is much fuller than we’ve seen in a while too. Is that supposed to be giving us Jax Teller vibes? That’s a yes for me and I’m not feeling it. Probably because Jax Teller was never my favourite. Are you seriously telling me you’d would want Jax Teller to be your boyfriend?! 

In other Charlie news, he was at TIFF last year and he could very well be back at TIFF this year. The film adaptation for James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role, based on a script that they worked on together, with Charlie playing his brother, will have its world premiere in Toronto. Charlie and the Taylor-Johnsons are tight. They’re neighbours. If he can be there supporting his friends, their work, and his own work, he will be.