When the first trailer for Elizabeth Banks’s reboot (of a reboot) of Charlie’s Angels was released, I said, “I hope the next one gives us more of the Angels interacting.” Well guess what? It does! A new trailer has arrived and it focuses more on the trio of new Angels just hanging around, being lady spies and day drinking. We also get to see more of Elizabeth Banks and Sir Patrick Stewart. 

I really love the vibe these trailers are setting. Sure, there’s a little cheese, but a movie like this should have a taste of fromage. It’s meant to be fun, glamorous, maybe a little campy. Cheese is a perfectly acceptable accompanying note to those things. Although I should check myself here, because John Wick pushes many of the same buttons—fun, glamorous, maybe a little campy—and I wouldn’t refer to those movies as even a little bit cheesy. What is it about women expressing emotion to one another that is “cheesy”? Is it the over-earnestness of the moment in the middle of a silly action movie? Or are we just that unused to seeing it on the screen in this context that it stands out so sharply? Heh, “sharply”. It’s a sharp cheddar moment.

I am also here for every second of Kristen Stewart in this trailer. She is, as the youths say, feeling herself. And I am feeling her feeling herself. It’ll be interesting to see how she handles herself on this press tour. Will the attitude adopted for the film carry over into her publicity? Will she have an Angelina-esque revival in the public eye? Those of us who pay attention know that KStew has not stopped working since Twilight wrapped up, that she is a fixture at Cannes and various international events. But the general public probably hasn’t seen her since the last Breaking Dawn movie, so Charlie’s Angels is a kind of return for her, going back to the mainstream and being the focus of the public’s gaze. It’ll be interesting to see how she is received now, versus how she was treated during the Twilight years. It will also be interesting to see if Charlie’s Angels can carve a spot for itself between Terminator: Dark Fate and Frozen II. The summer box office was brutal for everyone but Disney. I suspect the winter box office may be as well.