As Sarah posted last week, Charlize Theron is back for Fast 9 and they’re shooting in London. She’s been there for the last few weeks, seen here and there with her kids. Yesterday she was at Wimbledon for the epic men’s final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. That was a match that will be bragged about for years – “I was there when…” It was incredible tennis on the biggest possible stage. I feel for Roger. I wonder if he’ll be able to let go of when he was serving for the championship, up 40-15, and Novak broke him back and went on to hold serve until the tiebreak. Charlize looks like she was feeling the stress too. 

But are you feeling her shorter hair? Her pixie cut? Charlize has a FACE. As in one of those faces that works with almost anything and one of those faces that is more enhanced when there’s nothing around it – so this haircut actually brings out her cheekbones, her lips, her features even more. She looks amazing, obviously. You have eyes. Also… I’m into her Wimbledon outfit. Charlize Theron not showing up to the All England in a sun dress. 

Also at Wimbledon – BFFs Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. It’s been a minute, right? A while since we’ve seen them hanging out? They could have, I suppose, hung out during Avengers but I don’t know that Strange and Loki ever crossed paths and, well, Tom wasn’t part of the big Endgame tour but there probably would have been some kind of nerd orgasm if they both put their capes on and showed up somewhere, given the crossover between their fandoms….or am I imagining that? 

Now I’m picturing Tom having a conversation with Charlize. Charlize works a no exclamations points kind of vibe. Tom is all exclamation points. Wait. Should be Gossip Genie-ing this?