We are about a month away from the Golden Globe nominations. The Globes don’t often align with the Oscars but they can set the tone for Oscar nominations a month later as the Globes happen during the Oscar nomination voting period. 

As we’ve been reporting, races look pretty tight across the board this year in most major categories. At this point, if you have to bet on anyone, probably the safest bet would be Laura Dern for her performance in Marriage Story but it’s not like the Best Supporting Actress category isn’t competitive. Jennifer Lopez is right in there. And people are BIG on Florence Pugh in Little Women, a young actor the Academy might not be able to resist. Annette Bening could be in the mix, and also Margot Robbie for her work in Bombshell. 

Margot’s co-star, Charlize Theron, is one of the stronger contenders in the Best Actress race. Up until a couple of weeks ago, the frontrunner for Best Actress was Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland. And then Bombshell screened for Academy voters, guild members, and select press. The hype was immediate. 

Everyone started talking about how Charlize becomes Megyn Kelly, is unrecognisable. So it seems, right now, that Charlize’s name will be called. And even though Renee is undeniable in a role that the Academy will definitely respond to but she’ll likely be the only representative of Judy. Meanwhile Bombshell has a shot at multiple nominations, from Best Picture to acting nods, to screenplay too. It’s a stronger film overall, and that can help – when you’re coming in as a contender on the strength of a collective. 

Both Renee and Charlize already have Oscars. Charlize already has a Best Actress Oscar while Renee’s is Supporting. You know how this works. An Oscar is great, any Oscar. But for the actors, the LEAD Oscar is the most coveted Oscar. Who’s getting the double? And when you get a double, what’s better – a double with two lead Oscars? Or a double with a lead and a supporting, because then it’s about versatility? These are first world puzzles.  

Attached – Charlize out with a friend yesterday.