Chris Evans showed up at the Avengers: Endgame press conference last weekend looking hot in green velvet pants and brown boots but while some of the others were in the UK yesterday he was at home in Massachusetts working on Defending Jacob, the Apple series based on the book by William Landay that’s already been ordered for eight episodes. Chris is playing a lawyer whose teen son may or may not have killed another kid. That work schedule has worked out for him two Avengers in a row now – during promotion for Infinity War, Chris was on Broadway and now he’s on set. Coincidence or conspiracy? Not that there’s anything scandalous here, just another reminder that he’s been wanting to move on from Captain America for a while now. 

I’m not. I’m not ready to move on from any of them! Over the last couple of weeks, Marvel has released so many trailers and clips and other marketing materials, I can’t keep all of it straight. But since I’m a junkie for this sh-t, I spent a solid hour this morning falling down internet rabbit holes about possible clues that we’ve seen in the footage they’re put out so far. Like you know that scene in the “special look” video where Tony Stark and Steve Rogers finally reunite? Well apparently nerds are thinking that that might not be now? That that might be time travel…what



Don’t yell at me about spoilers. This is not a spoiler. You know why? Because directors Joe and Anthony Russo are infamous for f-cking around with the trailers including sh-t that isn’t in the movies, just to mislead all the geeks on Reddit who are coming up with their own theories. So it’s possible that that scene between Tony and Steve isn’t real. Remember when they put Hulk in the poster for Infinity War and, as we know now, Hulk didn’t show up because he was having a suck attack the whole movie? The Russos have also been saying in their interviews that it’s not real, but that it could be real, so no one f-cking knows what’s real and why don’t you just wait until the movie comes out and you’ll have three hours in the theatre to find everything out, Lainey?! This is probably what Sarah’s yelling at me right now if she was actually talking to me. She’s currently not talking to me because I sent her an email about time travel again this morning and I think maybe she needs a break from my stupidity. 

Fine. I just want to know though – is Captain America going to be clean-shaven for the whole movie? Beard or non-bearded Cap, as we know, is a legit debate. The Avengers themselves have opinions on this. Chris has an opinion on it too. He prefers bearded Cap. So why is he unbearded in all of these trailers!? Is that meant as a misdirect too? Can that please be a misdirect? The Russos recently confirmed that the way the Avengers look is largely determined by the actors – see previous post about Captain Marvel and Black Widow’s appearances. If that’s the case, did Chris Evans make the non-bearded choice? And if so…WHY? Is that a clue to the story too?!