Here at LaineyGossip, Kathleen has been arguing that Chris Pine is the Best Chris. There are many of you who agree. Some of you are indifferent (that would be me). And some of you stay dormant until Chris Evans talks about his dog and then, suddenly, Chris Evans is back on top. 

Chris and his dog, Dodger, have become a social media love story. Last year when he was on location, he was counting down on Twitter the weeks until he and Dodger would be reunited. When they were reunited, he posted this:

That video made me jealous. I have two dogs. And there are days when I come home that they barely bother to lift their heads. Or come out from under the covers. Or even come downstairs. My dogs are assholes. Dodger, as you can see, is sweet and loving and loyal, not an asshole. 

Anyway, in celebration of National Pet Day, Chris just shared this video of the day he met Dodger: 

Is Chris Evans today’s best Chris? 

In other Chris Evans news, Page Six reported that at a party last week, he was on the dance floor dropping some Beyoncé choreo. I…cannot picture this. But that’s not the detail that caught my eye. Here’s the description: 

At (Brian Tyree) Henry’s birthday bash at Fishbowl in Midtown, “Chris and Bel made a beeline to the dance floor, where they joined Brian in the electric slide as well as several Beyoncé-inspired moves,” said a spy. 

Chris and Bel, huh? When I last posted about Chris on opening night of Lobby Hero, I mentioned that I could totally see Chris Evans falling for Bel Powley. I mean, this is just two colleague-friends dancing at another colleague-friend’s birthday party. But, you know. It’s a feeling.