Is this still a debate? I don’t love the Chris contest because a) it’s always been Pine for me and b) I’m not super into fighting over which white dude with lots of opportunities in Hollywood should get more opportunities in Hollywood. I am, however, very much into Chris Pine and being right. In the aftermath of Wonder Woman’s success, it looks like everyone else is finally getting on the Pine bandwagon. The Ringer reevaluated their ongoing Chris Wars to push Pine to the top. Vanity Fair has also placed him farther up on their Chris list post-Wonder Woman. Just last month, Lainey wrote that Chris Pine moved from the bottom (BOTTOM!) of her Chris rankings to number two behind Hemsworth.

Being the petty AF person that I am, I just needed to let y’all know that, to borrow from Lainey, I SAW HIM FIRST. Don’t ask me how many times I’ve seen Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement or This Means War or all of Pine’s Star Treks. I intend to watch Wonder Woman at least 7 more times. After I casually mentioned that Pine was the best Chris in a post a couple months ago, some of you yelled at me. After seeing Wonder Woman, would you like to reevaluate your life decisions?

I want to make it very clear that Chris Pine is approximately the 15th thing on the list of great things about Wonder Woman. It is not his movie and any praise for the film should not overwhelmingly fall on him. He was perfect in the role but it certainly helps that, as Vox notes, Pine’s Steve Trevor, got “to be the superhero girlfriend that no other superhero girlfriend does.” It’s a point Sarah also made in her review. Pine was given way more to work with than female superhero movie love interests. So, while he shouldn’t get too many pats on the back for Wonder Woman, Chris Pine has repeatedly proven his impeccable range as an actor and the ability to play solid supporting roles as well as leading men. Can the other Chrises say the same?

The Ringer marked Wonder Woman as Chris Pine’s turning point:
Remember where you were when you first saw a fully naked Chris Pine exit a glowing hot tub — for that was the day that the Chris Wars were changed forever.

Here’s where I respectfully disagree. How about “the Chris Wars” changed when, on breaks from his franchise, Pine was making stellar films like Z for Zachariah and Hell or High Water when Pratt was doing box office disappointment Passengers and Evans opted for that movie everyone has already forgotten, Gifted. And what has Hemsworth done for us lately?

Chris Pine is hands down the best actor. He’s the most handsome (don’t @ me). He’s the most likely to get awards attention at some point in his career. Seriously. Can you see Pratt, Hemsworth or Evans doing anything that would ever garner Oscar buzz? Like the Academy is going to give Star-Lord, Thor or Captain America an Oscar. Pine is already re-teaming with his Hell or High Water director for a biopic called Outlaw King that has Oscar bait written all over it.

On a superficial note, Pine dated Zoe Kravitz so he clearly has the best romantic taste out of all the Chrises. No disrespect to Anna Faris.

(Lainey: Kathleen has not yet met my greatest skill as a human being – I am a master CRUSH KILLER. The other night, I killed a Chris Pine crush in two texts to my unsuspecting friend Lorella. Duana was the witness. Still deciding if I should do the same thing to Kathleen. But if you know someone who needs help in this regard, I am here for you.)