It’s a question I found myself asking after Lainey wrote about the latest Baywatch trailer. She wrote that she enjoyed that Efron "appears to be f-cking useless in this movie.”  He is the butt of most of the jokes in the trailer. It looks like he is playing a parody of his own persona, just like he did in Neighbours and Neighbours 2. Zac Efron has officially leaned hard into his douche-ness. If you need proof, look no further than the bro’d out pictures Efron posted this weekend from Dubai.

Can you hear him? Bruh, my bicep is just so huge I can’t even wear shirts anymore, man. This is the other shot he posted:

Bruh, how cool is this pose?

Zac Efron went from a potentially promising leading man to the human embodiment of Matthew McConaughey doing yoga shirtless on a beach in 2007. Am I the only one who remembers Efron as the sweet kid from High School Musical who turned down that sh-tty Footloose remake so he could do smaller, more serious(ish) films and said over and over in interviews that he wanted to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio? We’ll get back to the Leo comparison.

Full disclosure: there was a time, albeit brief, when I was into Zac Efron. I know, I know. All of my celeb exes are the worst (see: Justin Timberlake). In hindsight, I think it was just my love of musicals clouding my judgment but nonetheless, I was following Zac Efron’s career closely to see what he would do next. Somewhere along the line, his hair went from the Bieber to the Zack Morris to full frat-hawk and he turned into someone I would avoid at all costs. 

So, when did Zac Efron turn into a joke? Well, more of a joke. When did he go from the kid Lainey used to call “Lipgloss” to that roided out dude who never skips leg day? Was it Neighbors? Was it when he got Instagram? I emailed the LaineyGossip team to get to the bottom of this hard-hitting question: When was the exact moment in pop culture history Zac Efron officially became a d-bag?

EVEN BETTER QUESTION: How did everyone NOT know he was a douche all along? He's always had a Grade A case of doucheface.

Just for Sarah, I found evidence of said doucheface from the LaineyGossip archives in 2009. But doucheface does not always a douche make. Chris Pine has a case of douchface and he is the best Chris, no question. Are we fighting?

Hahaha. Well - I think his TSN Turning Point came with the gif / video of him dropping a condom at the premiere of The Lorax in 2012. It was his laugh / the way he handled it that made it extra memorable for the wrong reasons.

Please look at his hair in the photos from that condom-dropping incident. He really wanted us to know he’s a MAN who has sex and yep, that’s douche-y but dear god, this hair.

I would say when he started riding horses shirtless. Also when he started doing blow and went to rehab?


Lainey is referring to the shirtless horseback riding, not the blow. She also just referred to Efron as “Zac Putin” and now my stomach hurts from laughing. As for the rehab stint, I was going to skip Efron’s shady drug past because I don’t want to knock the guy for seeking help but it IS interesting that rehab came at the beginning of the douche era, not the end.

Right about here.... And hanging onto Leo at Lakers games.

Ah, yes. Martin Luther King Day 2016. The day Zac Efron decided to post a selfie and brag about having 10 million Instagram followers in honour of the civil rights legend. This was also the moment for me that Zac Efron became the douchiest douche of them all, but this was only last year. It had to happen earlier than that, right?


Maria brought up Leo. Lainey has written for years that Zac Efron’s life goal is to have Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. She’s told Zac Efron to sit DOWN multiple times. Instead of getting Leo’s prestigious bear f-cking and Oscar-winning career, Efron’s on-camera presence is as douche-y as the off-camera personality Leo has tries to hide from the world. Zac Efron’s current Dude Bro modus operandi is basically what would've happened if Leo played roles based on his real life.

So, in conclusion, the moment Zac Efron became a douchebag was the moment he met Leonardo DiCaprio.

I’ll leave you with a collection of Efron’s finest D-Bag Instagram moments. Of course, most of them are shirtless. If you’re into that, you’re welcome. If you’re not, I’m sorry.



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