One of the topics today on The Social is whether or not we would eat at a “hands-free” restaurant. There’s a restaurant in London where the servers will put the straw to your lips (hi Mariah Carey!) and feed you sushi or whatever while you just sit there and live that Mimi life. You in? 

Normally I would not be in. I’m really particular about my food. I like to eat in order. I like my food to be arranged a certain way. This is why I’m a slow eater – because I’m constantly designing every spoonful, producing the perfect bite. 



I could make an exception. 

For Chris Hemsworth, currently my Best Chris. He did a thing with James Corden last night, competing over who has the best restaurant skills. These bits can sometimes be tiresome. This is not tiresome. James is funny and, yes, Chris Hemsworth is funny – he is now quite reliably funny. The way he says the line “what a shame” around the 2 minute mark, and then douche-laughs, is gorgeous comic timing. And I’m not saying it’s gorgeous because Chris is so f-cking hot. It’s beautiful timing! And there are several instances of it in this segment. 

Why am I the asshole who is still surprised when Chris Hemsworth is funny? By now, it’s an established fact: he’s funny, it may be his best skill as an actor, certainly more effective than how he looks with his shirt off. That’s the side of the Best Chris debate that maybe should be more explored: who is the FUNNIEST Chris? Hemsworth doesn’t necessarily run away with it. Remember, Pratt started as funny before he moved to action-funny, 


Hemsworth’s advantage in this category is boosted by the fact that that’s not how he started his career – it was an asset that emerged later. And, of course, the main advantage is still his always advantage… and privilege: his looks. 

Let’s face it – if he didn’t look the way he did, his funniness wouldn’t be as remarkable as it has been. So yes, I’m the asshole here who’s enabling this kind of status quo. And the asshole who’s sh-tting on the party. Let me just stop now and get out of the way. Enjoy Chris Hemsworth at your service – with his giant pepper grinder, LOL. 

Attached - Chris Hemsworth promoting Men in Black: International in New York last week.