Chris Pine was in Toronto last night for the TIFF opening gala world premiere of his new Netflix epic Outlaw King. For those of you asking, I did not attend his red carpet. There was no professional reason for me to be there and despite what my overall Intense Crush aesthetic may suggest, I am above stalking Chris Pine in my spare time. That said, The Best Chris showed up in my city looking like an hors d’oeuvre, appetizer, salad, main course AND dessert, and now I’m reconsidering my responsible and mature life choices.  

The last time I checked in on Chris Pine, he was living his best Meryl Streep life in a caftan in Capri. I wrote that his style was going to become the star of the Outlaw King press tour. I was not wrong. He came through in a gorgeous dinner jacket that Esquire described as “a burnt red blazer made memorable with a horizontal weave.” It’s a great blazer – the main course of a five-course meal, if you will. Are we ready to add “most stylish” to the list of reasons why Pine surpasses all the other Chrises? 

The last time I wrote about Chris I also suggested that Outlaw King might put him in contention for an Oscar. That I may have been wrong about. Sarah doesn’t think he has a shot and after last night’s screening, his chances are thin. She’s not seeing it until today but the reviews trickling in from last night aren’t great. Some of them are still turning me on though. From Variety

“…his blue eyes blazing from behind wind-blasted cheeks and a stiff gray beard.”

I mean, that’s basically a description from a soft core porn romance novel. I’m IN. And there’s this tweet Sarah sent me last night. 

*Runs to next available screening* 

They should put this tweet on the poster. If another one of the Chrises pulls an Outlaw King, we’re going to have a whole new category to consider. 

The other news out of Chris’s TIFF premiere last night was that he addressed whether he’ll be back for Star Trek 4. Well, he answered a question with a vague and noncommittal, but positive I guess, response. 

In other words, don’t hold your breath. Who needs Chris as Captain Kirk when we’ve got him in a mullet, with an accent, showing us his full Pine? I don’t know what these reviews are talking about, Outlaw King sounds incredible.