Back in March, at the start of the pandemic in North America, Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed back from its original release date of June 5 to August 14, which would be a month from today. Then in June they delayed it even more – it's now scheduled to open on October 2, 2020 so just under three months. Which is obviously better than August in that there’s likely no way people will want to be in theatres in four weeks but might still be kinda optimistic considering that COVID-19 is still surging in so many parts of the United States and some people are still so resistant to physical distancing. But it’s not impossible! Everybody stay safe! 


Anyway, until then, here are some new stills from the movie recently released: 

Diana and Steve are walking arm in arm. Is it a date? She seems dressed for it. The movie, obviously, is set in 1984. That outfit she has on though could be 1984 or 2014. Or even 2024. I mean we’re four years away from then but that dress is never going out of style. 

Here’s Chris Pine with Annabelle Wallis yesterday in LA in an outfit that’s pretty 80s too – pink shirt, white chinos. Is it giving you Steff from Pretty in Pink vibes? If you don’t know who I’m talking about… WHY DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT?