It has taken me this long to realize that Chris Pine's nickname should be Chris FINE and for that, I am disappointed in myself. He is fiiiine as hell and deserves a name that reflects that. “The Best Chris” is not a nickname, it's just a fact. 

Here's Chris Fine at LAX in flip-flops. There comes a time in the life of every stan when your thirst will be tested. Chris is testing me in these flip-flops. This is my usual hard stance: grown-ass men (or women) should not wear flip-flops in public unless their feet are firmly planted in sand and they are about to throw themselves into a body of water. The only exception is if it is extremely hot outside and you just need to pop out of your house quickly to walk your dog. Only then is throwing on a pair of flip flops acceptable. They may be demonstrably ugly but damn, they are convenient. Still, in the year 2018, you should probably opt for a pair of slides instead. 

The men in flip-flops debate is not new. It comes around every summer. It got especially heated a couple years ago when Marc Jacobs debuted a menswear collection and paired suits with flip flops like a monster. I think we can all agree that this is appalling. Flip-flops are beachwear. I just asked my partner who won't even wear flip flops on the beach and he said, "I don't wear thongs - on my butt or on my feet." My man, a poet.

Having said all of that, I am about to defend Chris Pine's flip flops. Hear me out. He is at the airport. Airport floors are disgusting and flip-flops are barely shoes so he's basically barefoot at LAX. What in the actual f-ck, Chris? Sorry, I was supposed to be defending this. My theory is that Chris is on his way to a beach location. Unless someone out of frame is carrying his suitcase, he is packing LIGHT. Maybe he's heading to Cabo for the weekend and only wanted to bring one pair of shoes. Flip flops don't count as shoes. This is hard. If Chris is heading to the beach, this would also explain these pants I don't understand. They look like part sweats part kaftan pants, also only acceptable if you are about to sip on a piña colada in Mexico.

At least these flip flops are black and not a neon rubber, right? Even with a flip phone and in flip-flops, Chris Pine is still so fine. He's still Chris Fine! Don't ever try to tell me I'm not a loyal stan.

In Chris news unrelated to his style choices, he's reportedly been spotted on the set of Wonder Woman 2, which is weird since his character is supposed to be dead. If you haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, I have no sympathy that I just spoiled it for you. Fix your life. Sarah probably has a nerdy explanation from the comic books as to how Steve Trevor could still be alive or used in a flashback or time travel situation. I refuse to make any uneducated guesses because Sarah will just yell at me.

Wonder Woman is when the rest of y'all started to clue in that Chris Fine was The Best Chris. The sequel doesn't need him (they've got Kristen Wiig!) but selfishly, I hope he makes an appearance. If for nothing else but a proper love scene this time.