These are photos of Chris Pine from a few days ago and I realised when I saw them that every time I’ve posted about Chris Pine during the pandemic, it’s often with commentary about his clothes. For example, the last time he was featured, about three weeks ago, I wrote about his pink shirt and how it was giving me Steff vibes from Pretty in Pink.

And now he’s stepping out in a leopard-print glory. Maybe he is my Best Chris after all. 


But it’s not just the shirt, it’s the whole outfit. 

I mean the shirt is a choice – and not really. Leopard print, I think, is tricky for men, especially now since, well, no one wants to walk around looking like Joe Exotic. This would be a concern for a lot of men. Chris Pine doesn’t have this problem. Chris Pine is out here knowing that no one would ever look at him and think Joe Exotic. But the shirt helps. Because it’s one thing if it’s a long-sleeved leopard-print shirt. That’s a lot more material giving off a certain vibe. A short-sleeved shirt hits different. 

But the shirt doesn’t exist on its own. The shirt is getting an assist from that panama hat, the mask (appreciate you, CP), and gold necklace, the silver bracelet, and that watch – from my vantage point it looks like a Rolex, an expensive one, but still tasteful, right? Thing is though, when you list all these accessories together with the shirt, and you don’t see Chris wearing all of it, it might read kinda tacky. On him though, it’s actually super-chill. It doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard, no Johnny Depping. The white Birkenstocks help with that too because, in a funny and weird way, there’s also a dad vibe to all of it that’s pretty cute. You see that too, right? 

Never thought I would want to know this but I really do want to know where and how Chris Pine goes shopping.