Chris Pine’s directorial debut, Poolman, premiered at TIFF, and, um, it didn’t go well. The movie isn’t great, and people walked out “in droves” at the premiere (the press screening the next morning was sparsely attended, as most people wrote the movie off after word about the premiere got out. I still went and, yeah, Poolman is a miss). But Chris Pine is unbothered. He is moisturized, happy, in his lane, on a boat in Italy.


These photos of Pine doing yoga on a boat off the Amalfi coast are actually dated September 12, the day after the TIFF premiere of Poolman. And he’s been in Italy a while, enjoying an end-of-summer vacation. While he technically could have gone to TIFF as a director, f-cking off to Italy to do yoga in the sun is probably a better call. Truly nothing worse for an actor/filmmaker than having to promote a project after the scathing reviews start rolling in. Just miss that mess and go yachting. Also, while nothing will likely bring the same joy as Chris Pine in a caftan, shout out to these tiny turquoise shorts. They’re perfect for an Italian seaside getaway.