Quirky Chris is back. Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis were in Capri, Italy on Sunday. There are shirtless pictures that add to the running list of reasons why he’s The Best Chris but I want to focus on Chris living his best life in Capri in a caftan like he’s Meryl Streep in The Post

Find me another famous Chris who could pull off this look. I’ll wait. 

Annabelle looking on and laughing while Chris does the Usain Bolt lightning pose is great content for my week of loving love. Peter Kavinsky has been occupying 90% of the space in my brain reserved for crushes (MBJ gets the remaining 10%) so Chris needed to step his game up and step it up he did. He looks happy and in love, confident and comfortable, probably resting up before he gets back to work. 

As Lainey wrote on Monday, we’re going to get a lot more Chris Pine content in the coming months as he promotes Outlaw King at TIFF and takes it on an inevitable Oscar campaign. Lainey didn’t think that Outlaw King is my kind of movie and it’s not, in theory, but it looks like there might be a nice romantic B-plot because if there’s a third thing, next to God and country, that these movies love to use to justify war, it’s a loving wife waiting at home (or the vengeance of dead loving wife.) 

And yes, the accent is doing it for me. Outlaw King looks like it’s just more proof of Chris Pine’s talent and versatility as an actor. If he’s the first of the famous Chrises to be nominated for an Oscar, I’m going to be bragging for weeks. I’ll be insufferable. 

I’ll also be bragging when Chris Pine’s quirky outfits become the star of this press tour. 

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