Chris Pratt has been in London this week on the Lego Movie 2 press tour. Katherine Schwarzenegger is with him. Like an engagement tour. Not officially, obviously, but it’s not uncommon now, for celebrities to go unofficially on tour after they get engaged. Remember when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got engaged? It felt like we were actually there for the proposal. I remember it like it happened to me. Eiffel Tower, right? It was also during promotion for a movie. Same thing happened with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard when they got engaged, I called it an engagement tour then too. And I said the same thing last summer with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Now it’s Chris Pratt’s turn. 

Understandable. They just got engaged. They haven’t yet been together a year. Only half a year, actually. So even without the engagement they were already in that phase where they couldn’t get enough of each other. And now that the engagement’s happened, there is no way they want to be apart, not with their resources. 

Here they are leaving dinner last night wearing their engagement faces, matching love glows. It’s cute, right? This isn’t a super exciting couple, gossip-wise. But they’re also the couple that no one’s WTFing either. Pretty sure 10 out of 10 people polled would say that, yeah, sure, I like them together. But holy sh-t, tell me what’s happening with Michael B Jordan and Kiki Layne, know what I mean? 

Access Hollywood interviewed Katherine a couple of years ago and asked her to choose between Chrises, Evans or Pratt. You probably heard about this last week. During the junket though, they showed Chris the tape. Here’s his reaction:


You see what he did there? Right away he pivots to her book. And there’s all kinds of pride in his face about it. He goes from celebrity to publicist, her publicist, in 10 seconds. She could have the writing talent of Sean Penn and he’d still be selling the sh-t out of her book. You think Justin would have done the same?

Speaking of Justin Timberlake…