Is it really a surprise that Chris Pratt is marrying Katherine Schwarzenegger? As we’ve mentioned several times since they started dating, this was inevitable. He’s not that guy, the one who’d blaze into single Hollywood with an erection and become the newest member of DiCaprio’s wolf-pack. So, yeah, not only was this inevitable, word is it’s supposedly going to happen soon. Will Anna Faris officiate? 

You heard about this? 

Anna talked about Chris’s engagement on her Unqualified podcast. She said Chris texted her after he proposed and that she loves them both and is thrilled for them and then there was this

“And I texted him back like, just want to remind you I'm an ordained minister!"  

Can you imagine? It’s probably not actually going to go down like that but still. If it were to happen anywhere, it’d be Hollywood, where it seems people are trying to out-consciously uncouple each other. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk just went on their honeymoon with their kids and Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson. I don’t think I’m that evolved. There is no f-cking way I would want that. Like if Jacek and I ever broke up and we were both with other people? I’m that petty bitch, I am not going on a group holiday, God. So… can you imagine even offering to marry your ex-husband and his next wife? Anna is totally going to be invited to the wedding, right? Chris Martin didn’t even go to Gwyneth’s wedding!