Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation pretty much exactly a year ago. They did it during Game of Thrones. You remember the episode, right? Daenerys and Drogon swoop in behind the Dothraki army to burn the Lannister forces. Not sure whether or not that was strategic (I mean Chris and Anna) and they were trying to bury it, so that the news landed softer than it would have otherwise but I find it interesting to revisit the reaction from immediately afterwards through the lens of what’s happened since. Some of you were like “LOVE IS OVER” oh nooooo. And while there was no evidence that the split wasn’t amicable, still the most pervasive rumours about why they broke up had to do with the fact that Chris became a blockbuster movie star and famed Anna out of his life. Which, as we know now, was not the case at all. 

By the time Chris and Anna released their separation statement, it had likely been over for a while. We soon saw her with her new boyfriend, Michael Barrett . And now Chris is stepping out publicly with Katherine Schwarzenegger. They’ve been seen together every week for the last few weeks, including this weekend after dinner in LA. He didn’t seem bothered by photographers. They know it’s out there, they’re not adding any more drama to it than there needs to be. So that, before long, it’ll start to seem normal, if it isn’t already, that Chris and Katherine are a thing. Again though, you have to assume, if they’re normalising it, it must be a THING. Like a thing that, with all intentions, will last. 

Also attached – Chris at the Teen Choice Awards last night where, as Kathleen just mentioned, he was unofficially crowned at the Best Chris for that demo. At least this year. Or at least because he agreed to show up. I don’t know if I believe that Chris Pratt would have been the Teen Choice for unofficial Best Chris if Hemsworth was in the running. He’s got the teens, he’s got the women, he’s got the men, he’s got the nerds, and now he’s got the comedy crowd. Pretty sure Hemsworth now hits all the demos.