Perfect! Just what we need right now – over in the UK, The Sun is giving us a blind riddle about a man from England who lied to his wife about a business trip but really went to Italy with his mistress and ended up with coronavirus when he got home. I mean, anybody can get coronavirus, not just cheaters who travel. People in England are still going to pubs and scientists are yelling at them in the media to stay the f-ck home. (Dlisted) 

Many celebrities are sharing their quarantine routines. Other celebrities are refusing to social distance completely. I don’t want to yell at them right now – plenty of other people are yelling at them. Let’s focus instead on the rich and famous who are trying to be productive, like Ciara and Russell Wilson who just donated a million meals to the local Seattle food bank. Washington State has been hit hard by coronavirus and they’re doing what they can to assist the community. (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s that time of year! Not even Covid-19 can stop the Fug Madness! The bracket is up, place your votes – and, well, let’s be honest: Celine Dion, our Queen of all Feelings and Fashion, has to at least make it to the Final Four, right? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Look, we all have our own unique ways of social distancing. While working from home, some of us are binge-watching. Others are napping. Or exercising. Or reading. Or f-cking. Or writing. Or learning a new skill. I keep saying that I’m going to take this time to become fluent in Mandarin (I speak Cantonese and cannot get by in Mandarin). Update: haven’t started. There is something, however, that will work for everyone. And that is…puppy photos. Look at this puppy. That face. That face makes you feel a little better, non? (Pajiba) 

Want to read the best profile ever written of Issa Rae? I might be biased because this is Kathleen’s work but… it’s SO good, I hate her it’s so good. And she keeps telling me that Issa’s her best friend now so, you know, that’s not annoying at all. (Refinery29)