Yesterday I linked to a story in What Else? about celebrities not being able to keep up with their Botox and other treatments during lockdown. Dr Harold Lancer told Page Six that his celebrity clients are calling him daily, panicked because as this continues, they’re more and more overdue for their regular treatments. And while women are the only ones featured in the article, please know, this also applies to famous men – many, many famous men. 


It also applies not just to celebrities but civilians too. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve heard stories about people who are panicking about their treatments wearing off because their spouses have never seen them without Botox. As I said yesterday, whatever, I’m not judging. I’ve long said in this space that while I haven’t done anything yet, I’m definitely considering it eventually, and staring at myself multiple times a day on Zoom calls and while both our shows are shooting from home these last weeks isn’t helping my fixation on my face. It’s going to happen eventually.

But where I’m most interested in how this applies to Hollywood is from the work angle and specifically continuity. There were so many productions that were suspended midway through shooting. So for the actors, male and female, who looked one way before the shutdown, they’re going to have to get them to the same appearance when they resume. Otherwise, given that most productions don’t shoot in chronological order, you might be looking at a dude with one face in one scene and a slightly different face in the next scene. Either that or they’ll have to overhaul the production schedule and save close-ups for later so that they can get their treatments all caught up. Or shoot wide a lot more, which could f-ck with the overall visual vibe with the project. 


Of course the other part of this discussion is whether or not some stars are even adhering to the rules and not sneaking treatments. I don’t know that there’s clear language about what kind of doctors can make what kind of house calls, you know? And how many people believe that there’s not one single celebrity out there who hasn’t arranged for his or her dermatologist to come by with a few vials of magic? Is that going to be the new thing once the restrictions are lifted? Looking at who’s fresh and who isn’t as evidence of who violated and cheated the rules? 

Please note, Simon Cowell is not associated with the dermatologist in the Page Six article but he has talked about Botox and specifically overdoing it on the Botox in the past, one of the few male celebrities who’s admitted to it. Brad Pitt, by the way, has never talked about Botox or revealed that he’s had it done because he’s perfect and would never, ever, ever do something like that to his face, he’s a real American man, OK?