For the last few weeks, there’s been all kinds of speculation that Shawn Mendes, 24, who’s been single since he and Camila Cabello broke up almost 18 months ago, is dating his chiropractor, Dr Jocelyne Miranda, 54. There have been multiple sightings of them since last summer hiking, of her visiting his place, running errands, heading to a Grammys party…


Shawn has been on an extended break from performing after cancelling his tour last summer to focus on his mental health. He cut off all his hair last month and recently did an interview with the Wall Street Journal to promote his new brand partnership with David Yurman: 


During the interview he talked about how he’s been spending his time over the last year or so and what he’s done to focus on his wellness – there’s been a lot of therapy, a lot support, and hopefully a lot of healing. It’s been a decade since Shawn started, when he was 14, on YouTube. And then became massively popular on Vine. And then signed a record contract. And up until last year, it was non-stop, full blast, fame and popularity and social media, during those formative years. Which we all know can f-ck up a person much older, let alone someone navigating their adolescence. 

So far there’s been no real indication that he’s returning to the spotlight. But he’s been in the spotlight because of his personal life and the chiropractor and that’s where it gets tricky because, well, I don’t know that he really wants this heat. Then again…an update:

Last week DeuxMoi posted a tip from someone claiming that Shawn and Sabrina Carpenter are dating. And then yesterday morning the two were papped while out on a walk. Coincidence or conspiracy? You can see one of those photos at PEOPLE.


They’re on a walk so it makes sense that they’re dressed casually. But that bag is not casual. So is this a walk after a sleepover? More importantly, what about the timing of these photos? The possibility of Shawn and Sabrina distracts from the talk about Shawn and Dr Miranda. Is this a case of a friend doing a friend a favour and changing the conversation? Or are Shawn and Sabrina legit? 

They’re around the same age, they’re both popstars, there’s an overlap in their audience demographic – this is a celebrity couple that definitely works for the TikTok generation. Because at one point or another, if we were playing the celebrity couple matchup game, their lines would have inevitably connected. And speaking of TikTok…


Sabrina’s song, “Nonsense”, is all over TikTok. For a while there like a month ago, I couldn’t go three or four TikToks without seeing someone doing the “Nonsense” dance or hearing the song. And now, as you can imagine, since they’ve been photographed together, TikTok has gone wild because there was already all kinds of speculation over who “Nonsense” was about and now…well… there’s a new story. 


I STAN #sabrinacarpenter #shawnmendes

♬ Nonsense - Sped Up Version - Sabrina Carpenter

Attached - Shawn shopping with friends the other day in LA and Sabrina seen out in London last week.