My questions about Riverdale and its nosedive of a second season are directed mostly at the writers and showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, not the cast. I’m less annoyed with the cast. I still think they are all pretty spot on – and very pretty. It’s the writing and overly ridiculous plotlines that are making me about ready to give up on Riverdale. 

I still haven’t caught up since the last time I wrote about how dumb this season is but I am still into Jughead and Betty, aka Bughead, aka Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, so I care about how they answered a direct question about whether or not they are dating. 

At PaleyFest over the weekend, a bold fan stood up and asked point blank, “Are you guys dating?” 


I don’t know why they seem so surprised. These two have been spotted travelling together and going on an actual romantic, PDA-filled vacation together in Hawaii so the question isn’t preposterous. 

Madelaine Petsch, who seems as committed to righteous indignation as her character Cheryl Blossom, can be overheard in the clip muttering, "That is such an inappropriate question.” Is it though, Cheryl? This “inappropriate” question is the only thing that has gotten me excited about the show in a long time. 
These young actors are starring in a teen drama. Questions about who’s dating who come with the territory. Plus, it’s good for business. Fans of Betty and Jughead are going to be more invested if they know that this love story extends into the real world. 

Cole Sprouse seems to understand this. Instead of shutting down the question, he hammed it up, as he does, and delivered a pitch-perfect, “No comment.” That’s essentially a yes. Oh, young love.  

Another big story coming out of Riverdale’s PaleyFest panel is details about the musical episode. I think I knew this was happening but it seems like such a colossal mess in theory I may have blocked it from my memory. Basically, the students of Riverdale High are putting on Carrie: The Musical. At least this is the first semblance of actual schoolwork we’ve seen at Riverdale High and according to ELLE, the episode is good. I do love a good musical. 

I’m going to hold on to the possibility of this show getting fun again and ignore the fact that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that the Black Hood is coming back. WHY must they do this to us? It’s Betty’s creepy AF brother, isn’t it? No spoilers! I’m not going to be able to give up on this bullsh-t, am I?