Americans! Specifically Americans in these two states – and I know you’re reading this because I hear from you: Conan O’Brien and his hair want you to register to vote! So watch his PSA for the message and also to further appreciate his commitment to this length. Are you into it? It’s been months and I STILL can’t decide. I go back and forth all the time. (Pajiba)

The latest Prada collection is 100% my whole sh-t: layers, length, baggy cuts, boxy cuts, high collars, not body-con, a generally loose fit. These are clothes that are designed for a sloucher, for people who can’t be bothered or can never remember to have good posture. I love almost every single piece on this runway. (Go Fug Yourself)


Have you ever had a Fireball? I have – once. And now I’m going to be obnoxious and tell you when: we had Florida Georgia Line on The Social a few years ago and did a shot of it on the air with them. I don’t remember hating it. But I don’t remember loving it. Our household whiskey is usually Glenlivet but this year I’ve always made sure to have a bottle of Jack Daniels in stock. Jack Daniels is my airport drink. I think that might have something to do the psychology behind why I’ve been drinking more of it at home the last few months. Anyway, WTF is this Fireball business without the alcohol or the egg? (Dlisted)

Donald Trump said what he said and he meant what he said when asked if he would denounce the all-male white supremacist hate group during the debate the other night and answered with “stand back and stand by”. You don’t get to let him call himself the genius of all presidents (as IF) and then make up excuses about how he misspoke. There is no doubt about what he stands for. Whyyyyyy aren’t more people offended by this and angry about it? Angry enough to do something. Like VOTE HIM OUT. (Cele|bitchy)

I LOVE this piece by a science journalist, Marion Renault, about her crush on Harry Styles …and how it took over her life. Also how she slowly broke up with him, LOL. (Slate)