Jennifer Lopez resumed filming on Unstoppable a couple of weeks ago – it’s the film she’s starring in that’s produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Artists’ Equity. She and Ben also hosted a holiday party last weekend. And they’ll no doubt be busy with family through the break, but on top of all that, she is building to the release of “Can’t Get Enough”, the first single off her upcoming album, This is Me… Now


The single comes out on January 10 and JLo isn’t exactly known for low-key drops. Presumably, then, it’ll be a quick start to 2024 for her – we should be seeing her early and often in the new year as she promotes what she’s calling one of her most personal projects, if not her most personal project. As I think we all probably know, This Is Me… Now is the follow-up to This Is Me… Then, and it’s about finding love again with Ben Affleck. The full album is due out February 16 and it will be accompanied by a companion film – the trailer came out a few weeks ago. 


The companion film was co-written with Ben Affleck. Like, I was already in from the jump – but when I found out that Ben also worked on the film? Please. Some of you are out there rolling your eyes but are you seriously telling me you’re not going to hit play on that sh-t on February 16? 

This is a film about Bennifer by Bennifer! Stop pretending you’re not interested – you are here, reading this site, because you love celebrity gossip. And over the last two decades few celebrity romances have been as entertaining as Ben Affleck + Jennifer Lopez = Bennifer X 2. And now they’ve collaborated on a whole ass movie about it! As gossips, what more could we ask for?!?


JLo spoke to Marc Malkin at Variety this week for a short interview to preview what we can expect. And she says there was pushback from some people in her circle about putting their love out there for public consumption because, of course, of the way the culture backlashed against them the first time around, over 20 years ago.

While admitting that she and Ben “both have PTSD” from that experience, JLo is confident that “we’re older now. We’re wiser. We also know what’s important, what’s really important in life, and it’s not so much what other people think. It’s about being true to who you are.” 


And being true to who she is means, well, loving love and performing love. That is her brand. You can criticise her all you want for broadcasting all her romances but she’s always been consistent about how much and hard and often she loves. Also, there is research that suggests that people like JLo who remain open to love and can bounce back from the hurt of love to receive and give it again have better mental health outcomes. So you can laugh at her all you want but in the end, she’s doing good. 

Right now Bennifer is doing good. And I’m good with that. I remain grateful for Bennifer V2.0. I am thankful that 2023 didn’t take them from us. I hope 2024 protects them too. 


Now can we talk about what we think this film will be? As Sarah wrote a few weeks ago, for sure it looks like some kind of musical – and that tracks too. JLo has long spoken about her affinity for musicals so this is wish fulfilment for her. The looks, no doubt, will be fire. Skin, hair, body – she’ll be giving all of it. But will Ben show up? Will we get the 2024 equivalent of the ass grab on the yacht? Will there be archival footage from back in the day or from more recent times? There’s a shot of a letter in the trailer and we know that their reunion began over emails, he wooed her back with his writing… 

Are they showing us that writing? Is this is the era of Ben Affleck, romance novelist?

I’m here for all of it!

Attached – here’s JLo in the rain yesterday in LA. 

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