Here are some shots of Jennifer Lopez on Saturday, before she and Ben Affleck hosted their holiday party at their new splashy home. PEOPLE had an exclusive on the Bennifer event and it was a pretty impressive guest list – Margot Robbie, Michael B Jordan, Jenifer Lewis, Lily Rabe, Victoria Monet. Apparently all their children were there too. 


JLo has shared footage from her holiday parties before and there’s a lot of singing involved. They gather around and sing Christmas songs and she gets right into it. There are videos floating around from this year’s event and… like… you know I love this woman but I can also admit that her voice isn’t, um, the strongest. And now that I know that Jenifer Lewis was present? I’m … just going to leave that there. 


According to PEOPLE, JLo started the night in a red dress and then changed later to a blue sequined one. Does it look blue to you? Because to me it looks green. GREEN! 


What did we say already in today’s site open about green and the holidays? We don’t recognise green! I mean this shade of green isn’t the shade of green that’s associated with the holiday – it’s more, like, Grinch green, right? Whatever the shade though, I stand by my position… even though some people are debating this over at The Squawk. Yes, I get it, green is there, in the background, at Christmas. Exactly! It’s in the BACKGROUND. Where it should be. Green should never be the main character colour. Like do not hand me a green ornament, it’s going back in the box where I hope it breaks and I can throw it out. Do not ever turn on a green light – because that bulb will be extinguished if I’m around. Bring the gold, the silver, the white, and the red. But leave the green where it belongs…in the back!