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If you’re a regular visitor of this site, you know I’ve been waiting, for months now, for the first Crazy Rich Asians trailer. Every day I wake up hoping and, until today, it hasn’t happened. Just two nights ago though, Sarah and I were texting, and wondering about when, when, whennnnnnn….and I mentioned to her that, maybe, they were holding it for Cinemacon, which is next week. And this is what Constance Wu just posted on her social media accounts this afternoon!


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Before we squeal about that teaser, let’s talk about Monday and Cinemacon. Every year at Cinemacon, the major studios prepare presentations to theatre owners about their upcoming features. The idea is to get them jacked up about the movies that they’ll be selling. Warner Bros is presenting on Tuesday – and so I’m hoping that the trailer, being timed for the day before, means that Warner Bros plans to include Crazy Rich Asians in their presentation. Because not only is it a vote of confidence for the movie, it’s also a vote of confidence for a movie featuring a predominantly Asian cast to go shoulder to shoulder on stage, next to some big bang summer blockbusters, and get equal play. That means… a lot. It also means that Warner Bros could be putting in some serious marketing behind the film. It means that they are truly invested in it, truly invested in setting it up for success. 

So. What are we seeing here in this teaser? 

We’re seeing Asians in a way we’re not used to seeing in mainstream North American media. Nobody’s sitting next to a computer, coding. Nobody’s wearing a lab coat or a stethoscope. Nobody’s meek, in a corner, the mute meek friend. These people are cool, impossibly well-dressed, impossibly gorgeous, maybe even a little goofy, and supportive of each other…and fun. In other words, they’re complicated and complete – which is not typically what Asians have been allowed to be in pop culture. 

Also… SEXY. 

Henry Golding is, as the kids would say, a straight up SNACK. That shot of him getting out of the car!?!? And shirtless? Those are shots you’ve seen Tom Hardy or Chris Evans or Bradley Cooper do a million times. Those shots do not usually involve Asian men. But here’s Henry Golding, as Nick, being called the Asian Prince William….or Harry. COME ON! 

You know the shot that kills me the most though? The one that I am f-cking living for? It’s Michelle Yeoh, as Eleanor Young, the future mother-in-law. Doing an unmistakable mother-in-law once-over. You do not have to be Asian to relate to this mother-in-law once-over. No matter your background, you know that f-cking once-over. 

And on Monday we’re doing this all over again when the full trailer is released. Sarah and I are already fighting about who will be writing that post. 

One more thing? 

TIME released its annual TIME 100 List today – the 100 Most Influential People of 2018. Kevin Kwan, who wrote Crazy Rich Asians, is on the list, under the “Icon” category, alongside Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. His entry was written by Constance Wu.