Taron Egerton and the rest of the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle have been premiering the film around the world. They were just in Seoul. London before that. For most of you, when you look at photos of the cast of Kingsman, the one who you’d want to spend a romantic evening with is Colin Firth.  Or it’s Channing Tatum. Understandable on both accounts – I’m not going to side-eye your devotion to Mark Darcy and/or Magic Mike. But it's Taron Egerton who is doing it for me in these photos.

Last year, I produced a segment on The Social with Taron and Hugh Jackman. They were promoting a mediocre feel-good movie called Eddie the Eagle. Lainey co-hosted the segment. Again, while most of our colleagues were oohing and aahing over Hugh (he was wonderful), Lainey and I were crushing on Taron. He is ridiculously charming in person, taller than you would expect and that accent? Good lord. I prepped him for the segment while Hugh was running late. He cracked jokes the whole time about “that diva, Wolverine.” The whole room laughed because Hugh Jackman is literally the nicest man in Hollywood and apologized profusely when he arrived minutes to air.

The segment was hilarious. They were both pros but it was Taron Egerton who impressed me with his wit and overall HOTNESS. By the time Taron gave me a hug to thank me for the fun interview; I was ready to leave my life partner for him. The feeling, however, was not mutual.  After the segment, another producer overheard Taron ask his team about "the one in the pink dress." I was not the one in the pink dress. Here's what Lainey wore the day Taron Egerton was crushing on HER.

I'm still bitter about it. Sorry, Jacek, but Lainey maybe, possibly has a shot with a sexy AF Welsh actor and I really want to live vicariously through her. When he comes back to town, does she get a hall pass? (Lainey: he did not know how old I am. If he did I don’t think there would be a story here.)

A few months later, Taron was back in town for TIFF and I saw him at a party. He was wearing the sh-t out of a black leather bomber and he was still charming as hell. He was still probably looking for Lainey in her pink dress. I will never get over this.

Please take a moment to admire Taron Egerton wearing the sh-t out of various suits.