Late last fall, rumours started circulating about Lori Harvey and Damson Idris. Just before Christmas they were photographed leaving dinner but not side-by-side. Cut to last night and here’s what Damson posted on IG stories: 

Damson Idris's Instagram Story

Needless to say, since social media is obsessed with Lori – and rightly so – she is now trending on Twitter. 


It’s true. And it makes this tweet, from January 2021, true… again: 

Right? The Men of Lori Harvey can’t WAIT to tell the world that they’ve become Lori Harvey’s man. Their top priority is to make sure that the world KNOWS that they’ve earned the honour. 


Today is Lori’s birthday. Which explains the timing. Because not only do the Men of Lori Harvey have it listed at #1 on their To Do List to declare themselves her boyfriend, they always do it this week, for her birthday. 

Second week of January 2020, Lori and Future were on Instagram together. A year later, on the same day in January 2021, Lori and Michael B Jordan went Instagram Official – he posted first, OBVIOUSLY. 


And now, January 2023, Lori has blessed Damson Idris, granting his wish to broadcast the fact that, indeed, he’s the one… for now. Congratulations, Damson!

Let’s all bow down to Lori Harvey. 

Damson Idris's Instagram Story