It’s been a rough week for Beckham worriers. All kinds of rumours are circulating along with reports about their complicated marriage, forcing them to issue a divorce denial. As we’ve seen, she’s been the one to hold up the brand on social media, posting photos of them together to contradict the speculation while he, as usual (arguably), focused on his own sh-t. Finally though, here we go – just before the start of the World Cup, this is from David’s Instagram:


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Here’s me trolling all the Beckham worriers – how come she seems to be the one who’s always leaning towards him and not the other way around? 

David was today photographed in Milan. He’s with his friend Dave Gardner who, supposedly, does not get on well with Victoria. Apparently she’s bothered by the kind of time they spend together – because when they’re together, they’re partying a lot. That said, Becks’s mother has also joined him on the trip. So … are we supposed to assume that since his ma is around, no trouble will follow? Is that how it works?